Website Design & Development

When it comes to a company’s marketing plan, it’s the website that holds greater significance. All your messaging and content marketing plans go through it. Apart from that, other marketing plans should be there to boost traffic to your site. Over the years, website design and development has evolved a lot. There are more digital marketing tools that ultimately help your site drive as much traffic as it can.

Web design includes many skills in the development and maintenance. There are different offshoots of website design that include interface, graphic, UX, authoring, SEO and more. It’s in other words is the front end that is related to the design.

We design and develop the website as per your needs to deliver value. Here value refers to repeated visits of the audience on your site from various channels. Our website design and development solutions have been devised to be customized to achieve your ROI goals.

Here is a list of our website designing and development services:

UI/UX and Web Design

Our experienced team understands it well that usability, visualization and functionality are the three core features of any website. Our designers and developers work with you to bring you the design you need outfitted with all your digital marketing goals.

We work according to your company’s goals and target audience. We develop designs that will fulfill your expectations well. We offer custom application interface design, custom drupal and wordpress website designs and more.

HTML/CSS Development

There is no doubt that HTML and CSS are the foremost parts of any website design project. We design every site based on the latest HTML and CSS parameters. We also use the W3C standards for excellent user experience.

Services that we offer under our HTML/CSS development include:

W3C compliant HTML/CSS

JavaScript Development

Semantic Coding for SEO